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New Faces on the BSTU Executive


Interactive! Ask the Union

Do you have work-related questions? Submit them here.


BSTU President on the issue of ungraded CXC Exams



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One on One with the BSTU President

CBC's Lisa Lorde chats with Mary-Anne Redman during last Sunday's edition of CBC's "One on One" (May 14th, 2023).


Media Briefing re the Resumption of Face-to-Face Classes in Barbadian Schools


New! Call by BSTU President to Redress CXC Grading Issues

BSTU President in Question-Answer Session on VOB Brasstacks:



Know Your BSTU Constitution

Click here to download your .pdf copy of the BSTU Constitution. Have a read and enjoy!

New! Updated BSTU membership Forms

Download your membership application form here along with its companion payment authorisation form here. Please remember to provide a copy of the payment authorisation form to the Secretary Treasurer and forward the other to the Union.

Teachers Professional Day Presentation

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation made by the Principal Personnel Officer (Ministry of Education) concerning the procedures for obtaining various types of leave (including pre-retirement leave).

Learn about the teacher evaluation process

"A new evaluation system for teachers was designed to replace the existing Annual Reports used throughout the public service. The new system should provide timely, accurate information about schools and teaching learning strategies..." Read more...


The Social Partnership, established in 1991, has played an integral role in supporting Barbados' economic growth and stability over the past two decades. The contribution of the trade unions to the establishment and evolution of the Social Partnership is discussed in two articles, the first of which can be downloaded from here and the second one is available here.



Download the Barbados Education Act (2002) here.

Are you being paid correctly? Have a look at the civil service salary scales which may be accessed here.
...and how safe is your workplace in the context of the stipulations of the Safety and Health at Work Act (2005)? The full text of this Act is available here.

Strategies for coping with the current international recession, an interesting perspective presented here, along with another viewpoint which can be read here
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